Civilization calls to you! the greatest  minds of  our time. We are gathering. Powerful women and men are rising up to  the challenge

Organizing as A united people. The time is now

Bring your Solutions.

Build your community. 


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 Welcome to CIVIL X: A new civilization is rising up to create endless regenerative Solutions to a once stagnant culture. You are the solution.  And your exploration of self, community and environment  will take you on a ever-expanding journey into this new world we choose to co create together. 

Civil X is a online  platform that allows players to engage in media, education, gamified work projects, events, and community development. Civil X provides stories, resources and tools for easy replication of good ideas in diverse locations around the world. This is a cooperative based media platform for accessing training, workshops, co-op workspaces, and online team-building. We choose to focus on Community organization, resource sharing, and testing real-life solutions by working with thriving communities all over the world!​"

Personal growth

Community Development

Global Connection

Civil X begins with self-reflection in a world that empowers you to pursue your passions, discover your true purpose, and begin your life’s quest

Join guilds and build teams with shared intentions. Begin Quests online that map to the real world. Share resources, test ideas, and build in a limitless VR playground

Connect worldwide with online players in this MMORPG. Share creative ideas and solutions. Play and experiment with diverse systems and cultures to create innovative and sustainable new futures in a global civilization


Concept Gallery

Project Management
Creative Design Artist
System Networking  
Communications and Marketing Advisor
Community Development
VR Game Design
Evolutionary Study/Development
Creative director,  
Game designer,
Event production
Game design, Future Systems Mapping, Multi-Media Director, Alchemist Science of  Storytelling
Whole System 
App Design 
Software Developer
Web Design

Randi Southard

Angel Robinson

Desmound Green

Atlas Talisman

River Jordan

Lucas Despain


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